Torte Sunnies

See The World Without Damaging It.

We produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. So why not put some of it to good use?

That's why every pair of frames we produce is made from 100% recycled plastic, all while staying fashionable and durable!

Plus $5 from every sale gets donated to local charities - so you really can do good, while looking good.

Aloe Sunnies
Elgin Sunnies


I got the black frame blue light glasses and I love them. Especially when I am studying late at night, they help me fall asleep quickly afterwards. Plus they are super cute!!

Shortcake Sunnies
Made From 100% Recycled textile waste

What's Behind The Frames?

From the start, we built SHYNE around our values; sustainability and transparency. We want to build a community of changemakers, who can move fashion forward into a sustainable future. Throughout our entire process we are ethically and environmentally responsible with the goal of being entirely carbon neutral. Aside from our environmental goals we want to help support our community. 

Helped With Online School!

Doing online school and was concerned about the effects of the excessive amount of blue light I was getting, and I was so glad to find a sustainable AND local option!!

They Work!!

There’s a noticeable reduction to the blue light when I wear the glasses. I’m glad I chose Shyne because I’m not only helping my sleep cycle I’m also helping the environment!

Great Value

Great design and fit. Love the torte colour. Great value for the money.

Stay Sustainable

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