Sustainable Gift Ideas

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This holiday season, consider doing Mother Earth a favour and giving a sustainable gift to your loved ones! It’s so easy to get caught up in the huge wave of consumerism at this time of the year, so why not switch things up with eco-friendly buys that’ll double up as a gift to future generations as well? We’ve gathered a couple sustainable gift ideas below to help you get the ball rolling.

#1: Skip the Material Giving Completely and Give the Gift of a Special Memory

Your presence and time are often more valuable than any material gift. For example, find out what your best friend’s favourite dinner and cook it for them. You can make it three courses, complete with a fancy drink, appetizer and dessert! You could also have a game night – does the gift recipient have a favourite game that they’ve been dying to play? Spend some quality time together playing it! This first idea is all about creating special memories that will last a lifetime.


#2: Experiential Gifts!

Has your loved one been begging you to come with them to a concert, show, or a sports game? The holidays are a perfect time to purchase a ticket for them! They’ll be able to enjoy your company while simultaneously appreciating the show. A restaurant gift card is another excellent choice; find out their favourite place to eat or help them discover a new place! The gift of food is always appreciated. An evening spent solving an escape room together could be another opportunity to build great memories while exercising your brains (unless the gift recipient is really competitive! 😉 ). Purchasing your friend a registration for an interesting new class (language, paint night, gardening workshop, etc.) could also be an enriching and valuable experience.


#3: You can never fail with Consumables

Think of the items your gift recipient uses on a daily basis. They can be anything from baking materials to bars of soap to fair trade chocolate! Giving consumables as gifts are bound to provide the recipient with utility, and it’s a great opportunity to open them up to new products they haven’t tried yet. For example, shampoo bars! Everyone needs to wash their hair, but has your loved one ever tried going about the mundane task package free? The market is full of these. Lush has a broad variety of these bars that range from scents called ‘Coconut Rice Cake’ and ‘Angel Hair’! (not sponsored, but we actually use old Lush containers as some of the plastic inputs to make our glasses! Read more about the production process here).


#4: Thrift it!

Thrift stores can be a hidden gold mine for gifts. If there’s a practical item that you know the gift recipient wants, try to find it second-hand instead of brand new! You’ll be helping to redirect items from meeting their potential end in a landfill, and you’ll be getting something you know that’ll be of use!


#5: If you must buy, consider some eco friendly options! has collected a list of items that you should avoid purchasing if you want to give the gift of sustainability, three of which are: perfumes, clothes that need dry cleaning, and battery operated toys or tech gifts. Instead, look for things like eco-friendly personal care items; eg soaps and conditioners that are biodegradable and don’t test on animals (and have no microbeads!). Reusable straws have been all the rage this year, but it can’t hurt to help your gift recipient cut down on their contributions to single use plastic waste, so why not get one? Another great option is a pair of glasses made of 100% recycled plastic from SHYNE Eyewear 🕶️ Your gift recipient will be happy to know they can look stylish while saving the environment, one pair of sunnies at a time!

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