The Story Behind SHYNE

Hi. We're SHYNE, and we'd like to tell you the story of our vision for a future of sustainable apparel.

The Journey Begins

The story didn't start with glasses. Back in 2018, we were aware of the issue of plastic waste, but we hadn’t realized the severity of it. It can be hard to comprehend the amount of plastic that's used every day. For us, it was one event that made the scale of the problem become reality.

A friend of ours was working at a clothing store, a part of a Canadian chain. We were chatting one day, and work came up, as it often does. He told us that his store throws out every single plastic hanger that comes in, after only using it once. 

He described multiple garbage bags full of plastic hangers being thrown in the trash every single day. And it wasn't just unique to his store - it was a pattern across every store in Canada.

Hearing about our friend's experience helped us begin to understand the sheer volume of plastic that's wasted. That day made us realize that we wanted to be a part of a change.

We wanted to create a movement that could make a difference - something that could stop this plastic from becoming waste, and instead, make it something useful.

Creating Our Glasses

That conversation sparked something in us. We decided we wanted to try and make a change. We started to look into what possibilities we could create using plastic. We want to create a product that allows everyone to be a part of the change. The product we were looking for was sunglasses made from ethically sourced recycled plastics.

For two years we threw ourselves into research and development to make our products a reality. Along the way we found Econyl a polymer produced from regenerated nylon sourced from textile waste and the perfect material to make our first line of sunglass frames!

SHYNE is Born

We were happy that we had found a way to turn our passion for solving the plastic waste crisis into a product that can be used for decades to come. We had started as an idea. An idea for a brand that does good for our planet.

And that brings us to today. We are ready to bring sustainable, responsible accessories to the market - are you ready for us? Become a part of the movement, and together, we can create a brighter future.

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