Our Process

How We Make Your Glassess

 1. Believe it or not, your glasses started as plastic from textile waste and fishing nets.

2. Our partner, Aquafil, collects the old nylon from these materials  and recycles it into new nylon, Econyl. The extraction process to make nylon from scratch is extremely harmful to the environment, so Econyl prevents waste from entering our landfills and helps to reduce pollution.

3. After the textile materials are processed into small Econyl pellets they are sent to our manufacturer: Danor. The pellets are melted and transformed into our beautiful frames. Danor ensures the quality and integrity of each pair.

4. Finally, your glasses arrive here at Shyne. We package them with love and our 100% recyclable packaging. Also included is a handwritten note on seed paper, which when panted will sprout wildflowers for you to enjoy.

look good. do good.

Quality and Sustainability

You won't have to sacrifice quality for environmental impact with SHYNE Eyewear.

Every pair of Shyne glasses are created from Econyl. ECONYL® is a regenerated nylon, created from textile waste found in our oceans. ECONYL® is a high quality material which functions no differently than standard nylon or plastic materials with the added bonus of being 100% recycled.

Our manufacturer Danor specializes in the creation of eco-friendly frames. Danor certifies the conformity of lenses and frames according to the strictest EU quality standards. All sunglasses lenses sold by SHYNE are rated at UV400, protecting you against UVA and UVB rays.

Each individual production step is flanked by a careful and specific quality control both at Danor and at Shyne Eyewear.

We're More Than Just A Glasses Brand

Our Impact

From the start, we built SHYNE around our values; sustainability and transparency. We want to build a community of changemakers, who can move fashion forward into a sustainable future. Throughout our entire process we are ethically and environmentally responsible with the goal of being entirely carbon neutral.

We offset the carbon of all glasses shipments to our customers through tree planting offsets, which we purchase with each order. Our team continues to work on new ways to offset and reduce our carbon emissions.

Aside from our environmental goals we want to help support our community. $5 from every pair of glasses purchased goes directly to a local charity*.

Who We Are

Our Team

Shyne Eyewear was founded by two students at the University of Ottawa in 2018. Shyne Eyewear continues to be operated by the Enactus uOttawa program - a portfolio of social enterprises, non-profits and businesses powered by a community of change-making students.

We're a small team dedicated to changing the way people think about fashion and sustainability. We want to put our planet first and put people first.

Be a part of the movement and create a brighter future with us!