The Journey Begins

What We Saw Next Shocked Us

Decades of plastic consumption and a surge in short-lived, single-use plastics has led to one of the worst environmental emergencies the world has ever seen.

300 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced each year, and only 9% is ever recycled.

We wanted to create a movement that could make a difference - something that could extend the useful life of this plastic, remove it from our oceans and landfills, and instead, make it something useful.

A Vision Became A Brand

That conversation sparked something in us.

We decided we wanted to try and make a change. We started to look into what possibilities we could create using plastic. We want to create a product that allows everyone to be a part of the change. The product we were looking for was sunglasses made from ethically sourced recycled plastics.

For two years we threw ourselves into research and development to make our products a reality. Along the way we found Econyl a polymer produced from regenerated nylon sourced from textile waste and the perfect material to make our first line of sunglass frames!

Join the movement.

SHYNE Was Born.

We were happy that we had found a way to turn our passion for solving the plastic waste crisis into a product that can be used for decades to come. We had started as an idea. An idea for a brand that does good for our planet.

And that brings us to today. We are ready to bring sustainable, responsible accessories to the market - are you ready for us? Become a part of the movement, and together, we can create a brighter future.